Tired of watching healthcare costs continue to rise, frustrated with how the system was built & disenfranchised with the industry’s lack of financial transparency, we set out to forge a new path.

A path with you and your employees at the center, not the insurance company.

We started from scratch and set out to build a suite of solutions that allow you to manage the healthcare supply chain and entire lifecycle of an employee so you can focus on your business and people.

Whether you are a start up ramping up for growth, a family-owned business preparing for the next generation or an enterprise business with a national footprint, we can help you prepare for the next phase.


Alex’s belief that there was a better way to deploy employee benefit led him to launch Oakmont Benefits and its sister company Solvo Health. Alex is an industry recognized thought leader on how companies can reinvent their healthcare purchasing journey. As a 2017 Charter Member of Health Rosetta and a 2020 Rising Star in Benefits Advising, Alex has been at the forefront of swimming up stream in recreating healthcare experiences for businesses and their employees and built Oakmont on a foundation of transparency & client-aligned goal achievement.

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